The Nest EP

by The Nest

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This EP is a studio-polished rendition of some of our favorite songs. To hear more, come and see a show! You can find show dates, photos, and more recordings at


released April 20, 2015

Diana Drips - Vocals
Eric Shaw - Vocals and Guitar
Steve Johnson - Drums and Vocals
Jerry Mark - Bass and Vocals
Fred Hatfull - Lead Guitar

Recorded by Ian Pellicci at Decibelle Recording Studio in San Francisco, California.
Mastered by Ken Lee in Oakland California.
Art by Steve Johnson and Mike Williams.



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The Nest San Francisco, California

San Francisco-based rock/folk band with a thing for harmonies and riffs.

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Track Name: Sometimes
Sometimes it's all too much to take
Sometimes everybody needs to find a way to take a break

Because the world spins too fast
and there's just no way to make the time last

So babe, if I seem a bit detached
It's not you; I just need some time alone to relax

I find a quiet place in the woods outside of town
I lean up against the tree when there's no-one else around
My mind, it wanders and I watch the clouds roll free
For an instant the world's only me...

Sometimes if my soul is stretched too thin
I get scared that maybe I'll never feel whole again

So babe, please let's find a way
I need you to know I'm coming back though I'm far away
Track Name: Gone
The sun shines, reflections off glass
Through shimmers of light I strain my eyes

We traveled the highways, always farther from home
Hungry and tired, but never alone

He promised his old life was left far behind
I tried to believe him; I tried to be fine

I've been hiding for to outlast the footsteps of those close behind

My days, they're numbered; my hours are few
Don't try to find me. I'll be gone just like you

We had each other, but not much of a life
Desperate times for a man and his wife

He got to changing right before my own eyes
The man that I loved was a different kind

I'd been stealing, at first to survive
But the day it all ended I took a man's life

Told him to give me all that he had
Like a fool, he started to fight
When she found out that I killed the poor lad
Well she left me that night
Track Name: The Ride
How long are the lies that we ride?
Broken by the battle of our time
Shadows of ourselves come to light
I see myself walk the grey line

Here we go, wandering mind
Here we go, just riding the ride

How far will we go for a lie?
Enough to believe, don't have to try
Pictures and poems blur meaning from words
It all comes crashing down, these phantom worlds

I'm waiting, waiting
I'm waiting for it all to come clear
I'm waiting, waiting
I'm waiting for it all to disappear